Being imitators

A quick read of Ephesians 5 this morning encouraged me in some of Paul’s commands:

Be imitators of God; live a life of love; live as children of light and find out what pleases the Lord; expose fruitless deeds of darkness; have nothing to do with the disobedient for God’s wrath comes on them; make the most of every opportunity; always give thanks to the Lord for everything; submit to each other out of reverence for the Lord.

Talking with a sweet friend of mine reminded me that loving God and desiring Him and worshiping Him comes first. I am usually encouraged when I read what Paul has to say to keep on keepin’ on – not that I do any of the commands well – and sometimes not even at all – but to know that loving and desiring God first will spur on the rest of the lists.

Yay…now I pray He teaches me and gives me the power how to live these commands out – or at least continuously reminds me I already have that Power. Double Yay :D

Speaking of Power…

I was away over the weekend and got to relax on Sunday reading Grudem’s Systematic Theology. Reading about the Holy Spirit and the next morning reading Ephesians 3…

I was in awe.

How incredible. That’s all I can say. I feel like I need to go back through the 2 chapters and check out all the Scripture Grudem referenced to make more real the power of the Holy Spirit, who He is in our lives and all that Scripture has to say regarding that. I love Him so much. I cannot get over how Good our God is. It almost seems silly to write that out in a sentence because of how inadequate that describes our God ~kinda like ‘Yhwh’, oh the reverence of His Name. I can’t even put it into words. I feel like my heart and insides could just burst.



Oh He is so Very Good.

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