Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Okay so a couple of days have passed… :) …what a wonderful holiday season we had. Love the holidays! But I also am ready for a normal schedule and routine to return to and here we are.
The week of Christmas we were assigned a Family Coordinator to help us with our Dossier and a Social Worker in order to begin our Home Study. Merry Christmas to us!

A few weeks have passed…and we are now halfway finished with our Home Study! Our orientation (1 of 4) went well – we were given tons of paperwork and articles in a neat binder. We walked through each page and afterward David and I both agreed we were not as overwhelmed as we thought we would be.

Praise the Lord!

We recently had our session 2 of 4 of our home study which was on home safety. We were given a check list of criteria in which we had to have or at least have a plan for. We passed with no problems :) Yet another praise!

3 weeks…

We have a goal to get all of our responsibilities taken care of these next three weeks. Our social worker will be out of town on vacation for the next three weeks and we hope as soon as he returns we can schedule our last two meetings with him. Our last 2 meetings will be between Dave and our SW, then me and our SW.

The state of Kentucky allows the personal interviews to be on the same day and not all states are down with that. We hope to have everything in place for him to be able to do a final assessment of us and all our documents and therefore complete our Home Study. As soon as this is completed we will be able to apply for grants, loans and get that fundraising letter in the mail!

I am already praying God will provide and move hearts. It is impossible with us, but with God all things are possible. Even the impossible. :) I’m excited to see how God will move and provide including how He will stretch me to trust Him more and know more about Him.

What a wonderful God we serve.

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