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Wisdom and Maturity

What a wise woman.

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Gospel Community

This past Sunday was so rich. It was a sermon on pouring your life into the church. This is something I would have opposed a few years ago. I would like to think that with how Pastor Brad broke down the scripture that I would have soften, however, I know the Holy Spirit has changed me so much since then. And what I do know is how thankful I am to not be the same person I was then, or a year ago, or even six months. At least I hope I am constantly growing and changing.

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Honor him.

Helpful reminder by Grace Driscoll:

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While going on a run yesterday, aside from getting tripped by two birds in flight of course, I was thinking about my body. It is not my own. Just like my mind. Just like my heart. I am not my own regardless of how I might choose to live or options I decide or thoughts I think. I am not my own.

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